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Honor the Game

"US Lacrosse encourages all lacrosse players, coaches, officials and spectators to "COMPETE WITH CLASS and HONOR THE GAME" by adhering to the spirit of the rules, especially those that minimize risk for players and those that pertain to participant sportsmanship."


• Respect your coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and the fans.
• Compete with heart, honor, and hustle.
• Honor the traditions of the game and respect the ancestors of the sport.
• Have fun, be passionate, and adhere to the spirit of the game both on and off the field.

How Can You Help?
1. Read the information on this page to understand the importance of Safety and Sportsmanship
2. Sign the Compete with Class - Honor the Game Pledge
3. Nominate a team, coach or official for special displays of sportsmanship.
4. Promote and express the importance of Safety and Sportsmanship in the fastest game on two feet to players, coaches, fans, and officials.

Sign "The Pledge":

The "Compete with Class - Honor the Game" pledge summarizes important elements of the men’s lacrosse experience and confirms your commitment to Sportsmanship and Fair Play. Signing the pledge is voluntary, but demonstrates your support of the US Lacrosse men’s safety and sportsmanship awareness campaign and deems you eligible for all promotions and awards associated with the campaign.

This season, as a parent, coach, player or official, I pledge to COMPETE with CLASS and HONOR THE GAME…

• I will honor the history of the men’s lacrosse and commit to the maintaining the core values of the game's culture.

• I will recognize the value of safe and fair play by teaching, enforcing and playing by the letter and spirit of the men's game.

• I will practice and encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other men’s lacrosse event.

• I will place the emotional and physical well being of our players ahead of any personal desire to win.

• I will support coaches and officials working with players in order to encourage a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all.

• I will do my very best to make the sport fun for every one who participates.

• I will ask all family members and fans to be tolerant and inclusive by treating other players, coaches, fans and officials with high regard and respect.

Download and sign the Pledge in PDF format