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by PWLC posted 07/29/2014


Youth Fall Registration Fees

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: $150.00
3rd – 4th Grade:  $225.00
5th – 6th Grade:  $3
7th – 8th Grade:  $375.00

All players must have a US Lacrosse number, no exceptions.

Go to to join or renew.


a Plano west helmet


Arm pads

Shoulder pads

a lacrosse stick

athletic support

black or royal socks

a mouthpiece

Fall Season

Begins late August and ends mid-to-late November.


Players will learn and improve their skills 1-3 times a week (depending on level) through team drills, practices, and scrimmages. All practice days/times may vary depending upon the weather.


Teams should expect to play 8-10 games, held primarily on Sundays. Teams will play in the DFW Lacrosse fall league.

If you have any questions about Plano West Lacrosse, please contact Sam Clement at or at (972) 768-7714

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by posted 04/16/2014

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Plano West Lacrosse Supports "Honoring the Game"
by PlanoWestLacrosse posted 09/10/2013

Lacrosse has been played in some form for over 500 years, and it is considered the oldest organized sport in America. To Native Americans, it was played for healing and rejuvenation purposes in addition for the preparation of battle. Lacrosse is viewed as a cultural legacy that succeeds in teaching the lessons of how to live a good life. Lacrosse demands teamwork, leadership, commitment, sacrifice, and, of course, physical prowess-virtues that will benefit our young men on and off the playing field and long after their athletic careers wane.

So while modern day lacrosse is a sport with hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional players around the world, our hopes are that you will remember that it is a game imbued with special significance. Our association hopes that this inspires you to honor this truly awesome game. 

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